A good start up option – Big V Telecom Franchise opportunities in cloud telephony

Franchise opportunities are meant for offering business operators good business opening, which is doable, sustainable, and above all, which is profitable. The business scope that has demand in market and low cost to start is mostly preferred by entrepreneurs across globe and Indian business community is no exception to this rule.

What makes a franchise opportunity rewarding

Virtual telephony is one of the safest and booming niches in business with increasing demand across sectors. Big V Telecom is a giant cloud telephony service provider and the company offers virtual telephony retail products like toll free number, IVRS system for its users: for obvious reason, franchise models on virtual communication business are doing pretty good.  It can be safely concluded that for startups, virtual telephony can be a good and rewarding option. But what makes virtual cloud based telephony a potential business module?

It is a low cost franchise

Virtual cloud based telephony is in stark demand these days but only the market demand is not the reasons behind its popularity as a viable business option. Its low cost module is one of the contributing factors here. Reputable brand like Big V offers its franchise openings on cloud telephony services. In accordance to business franchise in India standard, these openings are low cost business openings, which average entrepreneurs can afford.

Moreover these opportunities are open for all business enthusiasts regardless their age and educational qualifications. Having market knowledge and an urge to get established in digital communication market can make the obvious difference.

Why virtual telephony franchise is a low cost one?

Big V Telecom offers franchise contracts for different investment modules beginning from as low as INR 3.75 Lakhs (For Tier III cities) ranging upto INR 15 Lakhs and that’s what makes it low cost franchises. The other benefits of these franchise openings are:

  • Negligible cost on office set up
  • No investment of hardware set up
  • No need to recruit bigger man power
  • The mother company offers multiple telephony products customizable for every budget and every sector.
  • No need of technical background or knowledge.
  • Big V Telecom offers excellent training for all its franchisees so that they get good hold of their allotted market territory.

Multiple Good quality and high demand telecom-products

Cloud telephony related franchisee opportunities can do good marketing of their user friendly services and good quality products.  Their marketability is beyond doubt and the company offers good customer care. Let’s take an example. Toll free numbers are in great demand these days in B2B segment and in digital marketing having a toll free number is a great advantage for user companies.  

The franchise openings of Big V Telecom deals with innovative services like missed call solutions, which are being widely used for business promotion. The franchise operators are also promoting the brand as the best toll free number provider in India for boosting service standard benchmark in various industries.

Big V Telecom has rightly said that lucrative franchise opportunities are built on quality products or services. Start ups related to cloud telephony is a positive breakthrough in market and it is equally a good option to stay with consistent output. Business entrepreneurs can easily take the risk of investment of time, money, and bandwidth in managing these cloud telephony based franchise businesses.

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